Eighth Anniversary Ideas

Getting ready for your eighth wedding anniversary? Celebrate with the traditional material of the eighth anniversary: bronze, which represents beauty and durability! We've got gift ideas like a fire pit, a sculpture, a money clip, bookends (like you two!) or even a sword from the Bronze Age! Or how about bronzing yourselves with a trip to a tropical location? If you're more into the modern materials of the eighth anniversary, try these gift ideas in the spirit of linen and lace: lacy lingerie, luxurious bed linens, an oil painting on a linen canvas, a vintage dress, silk blindfolds, silk boxers or a silk-screened print. Plus, get inspired for a romantic anniversary dinner with our scrumptious recipes for dinner and cocktails. We've got amazing travel ideas for two, inexpensive yet romantic date night ideas and lots more ways to celebrate your big day. Plus, check out our huge database of celebrity anniversaries and see which stars share yours!

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