14th Anniversary: Traditional Gift Ideas and More

Ivory is the traditional material of the 14th anniversary. Gold jewelry is a modern addition. Here’s your complete guide to the 14th wedding anniversary!

Photo: Shutterstock / The Nest


1. Elephant carving: A design element that’ll jazz up your home (that you share together) is always a good idea.

2. Framed elephant picture: If you’re into them, decorate your home with this animal.

3. Adopt an elephant or give to an elephant protection fund: Give the gift of protecting these creatures (and their ivory tusks).

4. African safari: See elephants (and other great wildlife!) in their natural habitat.

5. African wildlife park: If a trip to Africa is out of the question, try visiting a park like the African Safari Wildlife Park in Port Clinton, Ohio, or Disney World’s Animal Kingdom Park in Florida.

6. In-laid, faux ivory picture frame: Frame a picture of the two of you and give it as a sweet reminder of the years you’ve spent together.

7. Ivory (porcelain) box: Fill it with a love note and something that they’ve been wanting (or something sweet, like candy!).

8. Ivory mugs and a new coffee machine (like a Keurig): Give your honey something nice to wake up to every morning -- besides your beautiful face.

9. Ivory tablecloth and place settings: Set the table in all-new ivory dishes, and then cook a delish meal and open a bottle of wine! (The tablecloth might not be the greatest idea for those prone to spills.)

10. Ivory lingerie: Surprise him with a little something naughty (but nice).

11. Ivory stationery: Write love letters on some ivory stationery -- then leave the letters for them to find.

12. Ivory sheets: Update your bedding with new ivory sheets (then, you know, mess ’em up later!).

13. Ivory-scented candle: C’mon, baby, light their fire.

14. Night out at a piano bar: Listen to someone tickle those ivory keys (and have some drinks to boot!).

15. Piano: If your spouse is musically inclined (and you can afford it), why not give the gift of music?

16. Ivory-colored watch: Attach a sweet note about how you’ll be together “forever” or how you have “all the time in the world.”

17. Ivory pen: A lot of small “ivory” items are actually resin, including many fountain pens.

18. Ivory jewelry: A small pendant or ring would add some style to their wardrobe.

19. Ivory teacups and tea: Have a relaxing day in with brunch and tea.

20. Ivory-colored bathrobe: Pair a lush bathrobe with a spa gift certificate.

21. Lifetime supply of Ivory soap: The perfect gift for a jokester spouse.

Gold Jewelry:

22. Gold watch: Give the gift of a bit of wrist bling.

23. Gold ring: A great gold band is timeless, and you can get matching ones.

24. Gold cuff links: Nothing snazzes up his outfit more than some nice cuff links (and he’ll never buy those himself).

25. Gold bracelet: They’ll love one engraved with your anniversary date.

26. Gold earrings: Gift some special studs.

27. Gold bangle: Add some bling to her wrist.

28. Gold pocket watch: It’s not quite jewelry, but he’ll probably appreciate the pocket watch much more than, say, a necklace.

29. Gold glasses: It’s like jewelry for the face!

30. Gold keychain: Keep your keys together (consider getting it engraved!).