4th Anniversary: Traditional Gift Ideas and More

Fruit and flowers – which represent creativity, fertility, hope and renewal – are the traditional material of the fourth anniversary. Appliances are a modern addition. Here are is your complete guide to the fourth wedding anniversary.

Photo: Shutterstock / The Nest


1. Bouquet of flowers: It’s true that almost every girl loves to receive a beautiful bouquet.

2. Flowering plant: If she (or he) is not into flowers – or if you’ve got a guy with a green thumb – try a flowering plant instead -- it lasts longer.

3. Photograph, print or painting of flowers: A lovely photograph or painting of a floral still life can plant the seeds of romance.

4. Potpourri: Provide a satchel of fragrant potpourri – and some linens, garments or lingerie to keep fresh.

5. Flowered clothing or lingerie: Floral patterned textiles can be just as romantic as the real thing.

6. Flower of the month club: A gift that keeps on giving – right to your doorstep!

7. Scattered rose petals: A tried-and-true gesture for the die-hard romantic. Don’t forgot a bottle of bubbly!

8. Floral-scented perfume: If you know her scent of choice, lay it on her.

9. Trip to the botanic gardens: A romantic day strolling through the botanic gardens – what a sweet idea.

10. Flower-shaped jewelry: Again, you can’t go wrong with jewelry.

11. Rose gold: An homage to the jewelry of yesterday.

12. Cotton roses: A bouquet of faux roses can be very realistic looking – and last a lot longer than the genuine article.


13. Fruit basket: A sweet and healthy choice.

14. Fruit of the month club: For the fruit lover in your life.

15. Chocolate-dipped strawberries: Is this a romantic cliché? We don’t care – it’s still divine.

16. Fruit bouquet: Flower-shaped fruits? You’re hitting two traditional materials in one gift.

17. Gourmet caramel apples: Ooey, gooey and amazing.

18. Fruit-flavored candy: Does your sweetie have a sweet tooth? Then this is a natural choice.

19. Wine: It’s made from grapes, so it counts!

20. Champagne: Ditto here.

21. Weekend at the vineyard: Why not take that bottle of wine to the next level?

22. Fruit painting or photo: For the art lover you love.

23. Apple- or pumpkin-picking trip: Bring out the kids inside.

24. Fruit pie: A freshly baked pie from fruits you picked yourself earlier in the day? Adorable anniversary idea.

25. Fruit-infused liquor: From orange to pomegranate, vodkas and other liquors come infused in a myriad of fruits.


26. Food processor: For the kitchen enthusiast.

27. Coffee/espresso maker: What a great way to spend your anniversary morning: Enjoying a great cup of Joe!

28. Stand mixer: A brightly hued KitchenAid mixer? Perfect for baking your anniversary cake together – and licking the giant bowl.

29. Panini press: Something your sweetie probably wouldn’t buy himself – but would certainly enjoy.

30. Waffle maker: Anniversary breakfast just got sweeter.

Did we miss any? We want to know your ideas! Leave a comment to add to our ultimate anniversary ideas list.