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9th Anniversary: Traditional Gift Ideas and More

Pottery – which represents nature and simplicity – and willow – indicative of nature and flexibility-- are the traditional materials of the ninth anniversary. Leather is a modern addition. Here are is your complete guide to the ninth wedding anniversary.

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1. Personalized ceramic bowl: Did someone say movie night? Head over to your local pottery painting locale and design a popcorn bowl just for your movie nights together.

2. Pottery wheel class: If we learned anything from the ‘80s movie ghost, it’s that spinning pottery together is a recipe for romance. Sign up for a class together and live out your Patrick Swayze/Demi Moore fantasy.

3. Cute mugs: Don’t downplay the effectiveness of a mug picked out just for your sweetie, whether it’s a poignant saying or a funny cartoon. It’s something that gets used daily and lasts just about forever.

4. Tagine: Want to whip up a really original anniversary dinner. A tagine can let you cook up a taste of Morocco right in your kitchen.

5. Pottery vase: Fill it with your spouse’s blooms of choice.

6. Dinnerware: A new everyday dinner set might be in order by the time year eight rolls around.

7. Pottery from Etsy: Support small-time artists by buying a handmade trinket from etsy.com.

8. Cachepot: Present a beautiful plant or tree in a ceramic planter.

9. Ceramic watch: These chic accessories by manufacturers like Michael Kors and Fossil are a hot ticket.

10. Pottery Barn: A shopping day – whether in person or online – at this popular home store could be just the redecorating catharsis you both need.

11. Hair iron or curlers: Ceramic conducts heat well and doesn’t damage hair as easily as other materials, so this is a great gift for a girl who loves to primp.

12. Sculpture: A beautiful gift for an art collector or home décor enthusiast. Jonathan Adler is a designer known for his striking, modern (and affordable) ceramic sculptures.

13. Platter: Serve up something great on anniversary night or at your next party.

14. Pair of lamps: Flank the bed with gorgeous mood lighting.

15. Tea set: Tea for two? There are plenty of beautiful sets made just for a pair like you.

16. Porcelain collectible figurine: Give something with sentimental value that will become more valued over time.

17. Cookware: Bake a special meal in for your sweetie in a new casserole dish or porcelain nonstick skillet.

18. Porcelain bell: This symbolic gift is thought to promote harmony in a relationship.

19. Porcelain jewelry box: Make sure to fill it with something good.

20. Beaded jewelry: Something for the porcelain jewelry box, perhaps?


21. Willow baskets: Go on a romantic picnic together for your anniversary.

22. Willow furniture: Fans of home décor -- and proponents of environmental awareness -- would appreciate furnishings made with this renewable material.

23. Weeping willow tree: Pick up a mini tabletop version of this distinctively shaped tree.

24. The Wind in the Willows: Recapture your childhood watching this Disney flick together.

25. Cricket set: The bat in a traditional cricket set is actually made of willow. It makes a great summertime lawn game!

26. Woven tray: Breakfast in bed

27. Trip to Willow, Alaska: Up for a far-flung adventure? Head over to Alaska.

28. Willow the movie: Spend a rainy anniversary night watching this Ron Howard classic.

29. Flute: Bestow a genuine willow flute on a musical spouse.

30. Handbag: Wear a woven bag made from this renewable material.

Did we miss any? We want to know your ideas! Leave a comment to add to our ultimate anniversary ideas list.