Second-Anniversary Ideas

Looking forward to your second wedding anniversary? Celebrate with the traditional second-anniversary material: cotton! It signifies durability, comfort and adaptability. Gift ideas like luxurious Egyptian cotton bedding, lingerie, a brand-new mattress, a meal served with fancy cotton napkins -- even jewelry tucked inside a cotton pouch -- are appropriate for this amazing day. Looking for a modern spin on second-anniversary materials? Try china. A gorgeous vase, a porcelain photo frame with your wedding picture inside or a brand new china serving set (if you didn't register for one, of course!) would make a great gift. We've got inspiring vacation ideas for your second anniversary, as well as smaller weekend trips and date night ideas. Cook a fabulous, romantic anniversary meal with our dinner and cocktail recipes. Plus, check out our huge database of celebrity anniversaries -- and see which stars share yours!

  • First anniversary: Paper
  • Second anniversary: Cotton
  • Third anniversary: Leather
  • Fourth anniversary: Fruit and Flowers
  • Fifth anniversary: Wood
  • Sixth anniversary: Candy
  • Seventh anniversary: Copper
  • Eighth anniversary: Bronze
  • Ninth anniversary: Willow and Pottery
  • Tenth anniversary: Tin
  • Eleventh anniversary: Steel
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