Sixth Anniversary Ideas

Looking for a fun way to celebrate your sixth wedding anniversary? Make it sweet with the traditional material of the sixth anniversary: candy! Gift ideas like a box of delicious chocolates, a basket full of nostalgic candies like Pop Rocks and Fun Dip, customized M&M's or Hershey bars (yes, you really can!), edible body paints (rawr!) or even an old-fashioned candygram are such cute ideas. How about a trip to Hershey, Pennsylvania, or a tour of a real, live candy factory (hello, Willy Wonka!)? Iron is an alternative material for celebrating the sixth anniversary. Great gift ideas include cast-iron cookware, an iron sculpture, a wine rack, a fondue set or handmade jewelry. History buffs: A trip to Iron Mission State Park will give you a glimpse into the iron mining culture of late 19th-century missionaries. Or heat things up with delicious recipes for dinner and cocktails, and have a great date night without leaving home. Also, look up the gems that represent your sixth anniversary and check our extensive database of celebrity anniversaries to see which stars share yours!

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