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13th Anniversary: Traditional Gift Ideas and More

Lace -- which represents intricate beauty -- is the traditional material of the 13th wedding anniversary. Fur and textiles are modern additions. Here’s your complete guide to the 13th wedding anniversary!

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1. Lacy lingerie: This is definitely the way to go on this anniversary!

2. Lace garter: Spice things up with one of these under your dress....

3. Lace clothing or even lacy pumps: A great gift for any girly girl.

4. Lace tablecloth: This makes an elegant backdrop for a romantic anniversary meal.

5. Filigree lace jewelry: Go for a precious take on this traditional material.

6. Dream trip to France: Head to Chantilly, France, where a famous song about lace was once inspired.

7. Dream trip to Nottingham, England: It may not have a song named after it, but Nottingham lace is another beautiful variation of the material.

8. Lace roses: They exist, and they’re adorable.

9. Lacy photo album: Fill it with pictures of all your years together.

10. Lacy wedding dress: Take the opportunity to renew your vows!


11. Faux fur coat: A luxurious way to say I love you.

12. Faux fur rug: Even a cowhide rug is something you can both enjoy.

13. Furry handcuffs: These can be a fun surprise!

14. Fur-lined boots: While these make a great gift, a day spent playing in the snow is even better.

15. Animal-print clothing or decor: This counts as fur in our book -- even if it’s not furry!

16. Pet: A dog or cat that you’ve always wanted can be a great way to multiply your love (if you’re both on the same page about this, of course).

17. Donation to an animal rescue or wildlife foundation: A very thoughtful gift if the cause is meaningful to your significant other.

18. Trip to the zoo: Spend the day at the zoo and make a bunch of furry new friends.

19. African safari: Feeling adventurous? Book a once-in-a-lifetime trip to celebrate 13 years together while gazing at wildlife.


20. Clothing: Any kind counts, so take each other on a shopping excursion!

21. Fresh new bed sheets: You’ll want to linger in bed...and then linger some more.

22. Luxurious robe: Always a welcome gift -- especially when coupled with a day at the spa.

23. Soft towels: These, you can both enjoy postshower -- or on a beach day together.

24. Sexy bathing suit: Wear this during a day of fun in the water to make your anniversary a splash!

25. Reupholstered furniture: Get your favorite piece of furniture -- perhaps an heirloom -- reupholstered as a special gift.

26. Brand-new suit: A custom-tailored suit is something every guy could use.

27. Canvas picnic basket: Pack this with everything you two need for a day of splendor in the grass.

28. Original painting on canvas: A unique way to express your love to a creative spouse.

29. Beautiful tapestry: This makes a great gift for a significant other who loves to decorate.

30. Handmade item: Got a knack for sewing? Be it a piece of clothing or even a tote bag, this is a beautiful, personalized way of showing your love.

-- The Nest Editors

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