20th-Anniversary Ideas

Getting ready to celebrate your 20th anniversary? Congrats -- it's your platinum anniversary! We've got lots of gift ideas based on the traditional materials of the 20th anniversary: platinum and china. How about brand-new platinum anniversary bands engraved with your wedding date, handsome cuff links, countertop appliances (an amazing espresso maker would hit the spot) or even platinum-colored lingerie? If you opt for china, try fine china table settings, delicate china collectibles for the home, an antique tea set, a gorgeous vase or a bell -- to symbolize wedding bells! We've got tons of anniversary travel ideas, too, including romantic date nights, exciting vacations and amazing weekend trips. Or spend the night inside with our scrumptious anniversary dinner recipes and wines that won't break the bank. Don't forget to check out our extensive database of celebrity anniversaries too -- the biggest on the Internet -- to see which stars share your big date!

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