Fine China Setting

20th Anniversary: Traditional Gift Ideas and More

Your 20th anniversary is considered your platinum anniversary. Platinum and china are the traditional gifs. Here is your complete guide to the 20th wedding anniversary!

Photo: Thinkstock / The Nest


1. Engraved rings: It’s (probably) been twenty years since you two exchanged engagement and wedding rings. Time for some new platinum bands – engraved with special anniversary messages. (Or any other piece of platinum jewelry, really.)

2. Cufflinks: Platinum is a very strong metal, so these babies should last a long time, no matter how rough he is on them.

3. Countertop appliances: Platinum-colored items count, so get that sophisticated espresso maker you’ve both been wanting.

4. Platinum-colored lingerie: Lace is fantastic, but some elements – like a shimmery metallic color – can make lingerie even hotter!

5. Coin collection: If your sweetie is already a collector – or you think he or she might want to be – pick up a platinum coin collector starter set. Platinum coins are very valuable, and their value grows greatly over time.

6. Platinum home accessories: Its shiny silver finish can add a touch of luxe to any room.

7. Platinum-embellished china table setting: Combine both traditional items – genius!


8. China table setting: It’s been twenty years; time for a new set of “good china.”

9. Home accessories: China is delicate, and that’s part of its charm. Pick up a piece for the home that you can display with pride – maybe even the beginning of a collection – and be sure to house it in a safe spot.

10. Napkin rings: A sweet ways to kick up your table style.

11. Picture frame: Frame an old photo from when you first met, and present it in a gorgeous china frame.

12. Vase: Fill it gorgeous metallic blooms (they exist!) or your S.O.’s favorite flowers.

13. Tea set: Class up your tea parties!

14. Keepsake mug: Your morning coffee will never be the same drunk from a vessel made of china.

15. A bell: To symbolize wedding bells (get it?!).

16. Trip to China: If you have the funds – and you might by now – interpret this traditional material in a different way, and book a trip to the Far East!