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Your Guy Grooming Problems Solved!

Tia Williams, founder of ShakeYourBeauty.com, answers your man-maintenance questions.

Photo: David A. Land

My guy’s hair is so unruly he wears a hat, and it bugs me! What’s the best styling product or tip so it won’t look greasy? – lolagirlny451
Ugh, the greasies. So not sexy. More than likely, your man has an oily scalp, which can make hair look overly greasy and clumped together. Have him use an astringent shampoo like Rene Furterer Tonucia Toning Shampoo. It contains orange and lavender essential oils that help control oil production and invigorate the scalp. You’ll notice such a difference! Plus, his hair will smell divine.

How can my guy get rid of his bacne? It’s gross! - kermiefrg
Since bacne is indeed gross, he needs to fix this ASAP! Murad Acne Clarifying Body Spray is absolutely genius (and has unisex packaging for the prissy-adverse). The formula is packed with salicylic acid, a powerful zit-zapper that clears pores, as well as triclosan, an antibacterial agent that helps prevent bacne before it starts. And he’ll love the fancy 360-degree spray that allows him to spray anywhere -- even the most awkward, hard-to-reach places.

My guy won’t wash his face with anything but water in the shower. Any suggestions? - LolaGeek
Upgrade his nonexistent skincare regimen with a straightforward, no-frills, quality line like Cetaphil. There aren’t tons of products to choose from, so he won’t feel overwhelmed or turned off. I’d recommend the Antibacterial Gentle Cleansing Bar for cleaning, followed by the Daily Facial Moisturizer SPF 15. His skin will be squeaky-clean, zit-free, hydrated, and protected from sun damage -- all in two un-scary steps!

He always gets bumps after shaving. What can he use to make them go away? - ericanandy
He’s in luck! Anthony Logistics for Men creates a fabulous shave line specifically formulated for bump-prone guys. Have him shave with the Sensitive Skin Shave Gel (the gentle, un-creamy formula won’t clog his pores) and then follow up with the Razor Burn Repair, which helps prevent and treat bumps, burn, and irritation.

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-- Tia Williams

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