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Summer Shape-Up Challenge: Week 1 Nutrition Plan

Unlike most diets, the first week of this nutrition plan doesn’t focus on cutting fat, banishing carbs, or popping fish oil supplements. That’s because it’s not a diet. It’s a plan to help improve your habits.

Your First Challenge

Eat cleaner. This means choosing foods that are the least processed and closest to their natural state. If you see a box with 30 ingredients, run the other way.

By eating more natural, or clean, foods, you’ll provide your body with more of the nutrients you need and less of the junk you don’t, so you should notice an immediate boost to your energy levels as a result.

This added energy will come in handy to fuel you through your new workout plan.

How to Do It

When grocery shopping, choose a mixture of healthy carbohydrates, fats, and proteins.

  • For carbs, focus on whole grains like brown rice, cereals, and breads with at least three grams of fiber.
  • Proteins speed up your metabolism and help build lean muscle. Lean meats, low-fat dairy products, and nuts are all healthy sources of protein.
  • Look for healthy fats from nuts, olive oil, and fatty fish, like salmon or tuna.

Tip: An easy way to limit your portion size without counting calories is to use your hand as a guide. Limit servings of carbs to the size of a fist. Proteins should fit in your palm. A small amount of fat would be about a handful of nuts.

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-- The Nest Editors

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