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buying guides

In the market for, well, just about anything? You’ve come to the right spot. Our consumer guides will give you the inside info and expert advice you need to help you make the right choice. Whether it’s an everyday purchase or a major splurge, our buying guides will tell you what you need to know before you whip out your wallet. Around the house, our consumers buying guides can help you through buying furniture -- if you’ve got your eye on a new dining room table or desperately need a new couch, you’ll want to read our tips first. And if you’re planning on upgrading your kitchen, we’ve got buying guides for every big purchase you’ll have to make -- the best fridges, ovens and ranges, plus other kitchen appliances -- as well as tips on easy (and inexpensive) upgrades. We also have consumer guides to help out with tricky stuff, like the latest in electronics. Not sure what laptop will work for you, or whether it’s time to invest in a flat-screen TV? Our expert advice will help you sort out the electronics scene. And our consumers buying guides aren’t just helpful around the house. If you’re trying to save money on pretty much any purchase, we’ve boiled down the best secrets of bargain shoppers -- don’t hit the mall without ’em! Buying a car? Do your homework before you step foot on the dealership lot with consumer guides to the best hybrids, convertibles, and more. No matter what you’re buying, we’ll help you be confident consumers.

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shop smart

Get the 411 on what to look out for when buying a new car, shopping for home appliances (both big-ticket items and smaller purchases!), and picking out the right furniture for your style. We divulge all of our secrets -- from the best ways to bargain-shop to our featured deal of the week!