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how to: buy a car

Ready for a new ride? If you’re looking for car buying advice, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got tons of insider car buying tips, from the pros and cons of leasing versus buying, to the worst car dealer scams you should watch out for. To help with your car buying and shopping, we’ve rounded up lists of the best convertibles, best bets for green vehicles, the most dependable models on the road, and -- to be sure you’re totally covered -- the most commonly stolen cars plus dealer options you should skip. We’ve even found some of the strangest cars ever made! Need basic tips for buying a car? If it’s your first time, start by reading when to buy a car, shopping for auto insurance, and the things you should never say when buying a car. And if you’re unsure about whether to buy a new car, we’ve got car buying tips for pre-owned vehicles, including rental cars. In addition to car buying advice, you can also learn about ways to make your ride more eco-friendly, what emergency gear you should keep in your trunk, and even how to make your car more comfortable for your dog! Plus keep your new wheels in top condition with our advice for washing your car like a pro. Still not sure about buying a car? We’ve got ways to make your car last longer (and how to decide when it’s time to say goodbye to your old wheels once and for all).

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We've got expert car-buying advice from our partners at Consumer Reports. Find everything from the top-rated fuel-efficient vehicles to what cars not to buy (the 10 most stolen cars in America).