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Toyota Camry

How to Make Your Car More Eco-Friendly

Can’t afford a hybrid? Here’s how to make your current ride as green as possible.


Lay off the Air-conditioning
If it’s 95 degrees out, then by all means, blast away. But do you really need air-conditioning when it’s 70 degrees and overcast? Open the windows to save fuel (highways are the exception—open windows cause wind resistance at high speeds).

Clean out your trunk
Imagine walking around all day with five-pound weights strapped to your ankles. You could probably still move, but it’d take a lot more energy. The same is true for your car, so clean out any extra items you’re not using.

Go Easy on Brakes
Accelerating and then braking with little in between can use up to 30 percent more fuel. Oh yeah, and it’ll also make your passengers carsick.

Check your tire pressure
Believe it or not, something that’s free (air!) is enough to help make your car more fuel efficient.

Get a GPS
We know you’re so awesome at directions, but c’mon, we all get lost sometimes. A GPS system can help you find the shortest route to where you need to go and will prevent you from losing your way.

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-- Caitlin Moscatello

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