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How to Find the Right Oven Range

Whether you’re remodeling your kitchen or just desiring an upgrade, here’s how to find the right range.

Range vs. Cooktop
First, decide whether you want a traditional all-in-one range or a counter cooktop and a separate wall oven. Costs can vary from around $200 to over $11,000, but, in general, it’s cheaper to buy an all-in-one range.

Sleek look, tricky installation: A built-in cooktop and an understated wall oven can create a contemporary look, but it might require a major renovation if your kitchen is set up for a basic stand-alone range.

Single unit, no remodel hassle: A more practical option is an oven-and-cooktop combo, especially if you’re simply replacing an old range. Slide-in ranges are designed to slip into a space in between cabinets, while bold stand-alones usually require more space.

Electric vs. Gas

You may not have a choice with this one: If you don’t have access to a gas line, an electric range is your only option, and if you don’t have a 220-volt outlet, you’ll probably want to stick with gas. How do you decide? Consider the type of cooking you do most:

Searing, boiling, frying: Foodies often prefer gas cooktops because they have more control of the heat. The flames add to the poetry of cooking, and, more important, the burner quickly cools when it’s turned off.

Baking, low-maintenance cooking: Bakers say electric ranges are better because they allow for a more even oven temperature than gas. The drawback: Electric coils stay hot for some time after being turned off, so chefs who aren’t mindful risk burning their flambé.

-- The Nest Editors

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