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Building the Perfect Stove

What It Does
What It's Good For


A range combo: gas burners and an electric oven Get ultimate control both inside the oven and on the cooktop—bake your cake and sear it too (though that might taste weird).

Convection Oven

A fan inside the oven circulates the heat (like a ceiling fan that spreads AC around a room). A big plus if you’re pressed for time—a convection oven can cook food up to 30 percent faster than a standard oven.

Digital Controls

Set the temp to-the-degree with digital cooktop and oven settings.
They ensure temperature accuracy, and many models can be set to preheat a meal as soon as you come home.

Double Ovens

Two separate ovens that can be set to two different temperatures. You can slow-roast and quick-bake at the same time -- perfect for holiday cooking.

Warming Drawer

Keeps cooked food at a ready-to-serve temperature. If one dish has finished cooking way before the rest of the meal, you won’t have to nuke it (and possibly ruin it) come dinnertime.

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