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Looking for functional furniture? Or are you ready to spice up your space with some bold pieces? Either way, we've got you covered with expert advice on buying furniture, including tips on how to save on furniture. Let's start with the living room. Whether you've got room to grow or you need furniture for small spaces, our advice on how to buy a couch and how to buy a new rug is spot on. If you're buying furniture for kitchen and dining rooms, we've got tips on how to buy a dining room table, everything you need to know about kitchen counters, advice on purchasing kitchen appliances, and more. Ready to move to the bedroom? We can tell you what to look for when you're shopping for a new bed frame, mattress, mattress pad -- we've even got guides to buying pillows and sheets! Want to know how to save on furniture for every room in your house? It's simple with our 10 secrets of bargain shopping. And if you need more advice on buying furniture, you'll find tips on everything from furniture for small spaces to looking for functional furniture with our Q&A. Learn about everything, from tips on buying antiques to grown-up futon options. Find out how to save on furniture, with advice on buying used vs. new furniture and what pieces you should spend on (and when it's okay to be stingy!). You can also read about how long furniture should last, judging furniture's quality, and much more.

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Need new furniture? Take the guesswork out of decorating and check out our furniture buying guides. We've got everything from mattress buying guides to tips on how to buy a couch.