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How to Buy a Bathmat

This one is pretty simple. There are a few different available materials -- bamboo, cotton, terrycloth -- and the choice mostly comes down to what you like best. Choose a color that complements or matches the rest of your bathroom, and make sure the size is appropriate. A few more tips and ideas:

Photo: EMI Interior Design

- Get two bath mats for every bathroom. This way, you’ll remain slip-free when one is in the laundry.

- Skip light colors if you have kids, at least in their bathroom, because they show dirt.

- Try teak. This wooden option can be either roll-up or a simple slatted slab. It’ll prevent water from pooling at your feet, and is a good option if you have pets.

- Consider cork. It’s antifungal and quick-drying, and it’s soft, nonslip, and totally natural. If you’re going for a natural feel in your home or bathroom, this is a great new option.

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-- Paula Kashtan

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