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How to Buy a Chaise Lounge

Similar to a sofa, a chaise lounge provides a stylish seating option.

The main problem that you’re likely to run into when buying a chaise lounge is that the actual size is much larger than you pictured in your head. To make sure you don’t wind up with a hugely oversized chaise, take careful measurements in the store and then tape off that space in your home to see how much room it’ll really take up. (You can also work backward: Tape off the area you want it to occupy, and then look for a lounge that fits those specifics.)

Once you have the size squared away, comfort is key. Don’t buy your chaise online (or at least, don’t buy it online without seeing the exact same one in person). If it’s something you’re going to use constantly, take time in the store to sit in it and make sure you’re comfortable.

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Nestpert: Jennifer Bertrand, season three Design Star winner.

-- Paula Kashtan