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How to Buy Bedside Tables

Having trouble finding a pair of bedside tables that you and your partner both love? Don't worry about it. Bedside tables are a great opportunity to let your own personality comes into the picture. It's totally fine -- in fact, we think it's pretty great -- if your bedside tables don't match at all.

Photo: Ellen Silverman

Let your bedside table be an extension of your own personality and needs: One side of the bed could have a glamorous and elegant mirrored table, while the other is totally different. Think of it this way: When you walk into the bedroom, you should know whose side of the bed is whose. Hey, you had to compromise on bed linens (and everything else in the house); don’t be afraid to let this be the place where your own aesthetic really shines.

Think about your needs and habits when choosing a bedside table. Do you read in bed? A short bookcase can serve as a nightstand. Or maybe you need room for several alarm clocks. Some have built-in charging stations for those who keep their electronics handy at all times. Think about how you’ll be using the table before purchasing one.

Some sort of seating at the foot of the bed is also a good idea, especially if you’re the type who gets all up in arms if your freshly made bed gets wrinkled when someone inevitably sits on it. Look for a nice long bench about the width of your bed, throw some pillows on top, and call it a day.

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-- Paula Kashtan