Buying Q&A: Spend or Save on Furniture?


The Nest Q&A

Which items should we invest in, and which should we just buy at Ikea?


“There are four key pieces you should invest in for every home,” says interior designer Vanessa de Vargas, owner of the Venice, California, home boutique Turquoise. First? A sofa. Not only is it often the very first thing you and others see when you open the door, but it gets used all the time, so you want something high quality. Next on her list: A dining table and chairs. Again, she says, you are eating every day, perhaps a few times a day on your dining table. And if you have children, lots of guests, or find yourself turning your table into a work station from time to time, you want something that will stand the test of time. The last two quality items you want go in the bedroom: “Invest in a great bed and mattress, do not go cheap on that” says De Vargas. “They do ridiculous payment plans with no interest these days, so there’s no reason you can’t create a quality bed.” Once you’ve got your basics, have fun with the extras, like a funky chair, coffee table, or lamps.

-- Amy Spencer

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