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How to Shop Like a Pro

Online shopping diva Eva Yusa "The Shopping Diva" shares her insider tips on the best ways to find seasonal buying deals.

Q: What are the best products to buy on sale in January and February?
A: Whites, of course. Be on the hunt for bedding, bath towels, and other linens. Also, look for sales on last year’s models if you’re in the market for an LCD TV, MP3 player, or any other kind of gadget or gizmo.

Q: What are some tips for being a bargain shopper?
A: Patience, vigilance, and intelligence will win the best deal. Avoid impulse buying and overspending by researching the products you want and what they should cost. Monitor sites like for the latest information on sales and deals. Wait for the right price and then go get it!

Q: What if you’re still recovering from Christmas debt but don't want to miss the postholiday sales?
A: Some things are worth buying right after the holidays: Holiday decorations, wrapping paper, and other seasonal items will be deeply discounted. To avoid spending twice as much next year, take advantage of these sales. End-of-season sales on outerwear and sweaters are also good reasons to spend a little more money. It’s never a waste to save money on things you really want or need, but remember to make a budget and stick to it.

Q: In general, are the best deals for home goods online or in stores?
A: It really depends on what you’re buying and the associated shipping costs. If you can take advantage of an “online only” sale and discounted shipping is available, then it’s smart to buy online.

Q: Are there any tips on shopping at the outlets?
A: I’ve found really great deals at outlet malls, especially on apparel and cookware. As always, try to shop with a list in hand and a good idea of how much things should cost. That way, you’ll know a good deal when you see one, and you’ll never overspend.

Q: What are the outdoor appliances that every homeowner should have on hand for when the weather gets warm?
A: Outdoor grills, a table, and some chairs are essential for outdoor fun. Practically speaking, look for deals on lawn mowers, leaf blowers, and sprinklers so that you can keep your yard looking good throughout the summer.

-- Krissy Tiglias

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