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In the market for a new, well, anything? You’re in the right place! We’ve teamed up with Consumer Reports to bring you expert buying advice and free consumer reports on all kinds of must-haves (think dishwashers and microwaves) as well as fun tech toys like computers and camcorders. You can find the laptop that’s right for you and chose the countertop that’ll spruce up your kitchen. Not sure whether an old appliance should stay or go? You’ll definitely want to check out our free consumer report to help you decide whether to repair or replace it. We’ve even got help with the tricky stuff, like ovens and ranges. In addition to all of these free consumer reports, our friends at Consumer Reports have even more expert buying advice to share. Our guide to going green in the kitchen can help make you a more ecologically savvy shopper. And don’t worry -- earth-friendly can also be budget-friendly. We’ve rounded up the best ways to green your cleaning routine while saving money. Want to hang on to even more cash? Consumer Reports has 25 simple tips for saving. Seriously, these are so easy you can’t afford not to do them. And if you’re in the mood for spending, we’ve got expert buying advice on everything you could possibly want, from fine art to jeans. Whether you’re trying to hang onto each penny or break out the plastic, our free consumer reports will make you into a couple of confident consumers.

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