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Nesties' Decor Emergencies

Painted Brick

"I hate our painted fireplace. We didn't paint it -- the previous owners did -- and it makes me cringe. Why ruin a beautiful brick fireplace? We can't remove the paint; it's permanent."
-- bluesmoothie

Themed Bathroom

"We have a Harley-themed bathroom! It took months before I could get my husband to agree to change it up! (He bought the house before we were married.) Oh, and the horrid money toilet seat -- clear plastic with coins and dollars embedded in it. He thought it looked good and made a unique statement. (Yeah, tacky!!!)"
-- MrsLeslie030405

Stenciled Walls

"The ugly stenciling in our bathroom makes me gag, but I can live with it for now."
-- brideofaussie

Gold Trim

"We had giant eight-foot-tall, gold-trimmed, mirrored closet doors in the living room. Gross! That and the filthy vertical blinds were the first things out the door."
-- Mrs_mam

Cheap Installations

"Somehow the previous owner managed to live in the home for eight years without making a single update to the cheap builder installations: matte white walls, ugly brass light fixtures both inside and out, and a rock pit where a patio or deck should be. You can bet fixing these are at the top of our priority list!"
-- ColoradoDomer

Permanent Fixtures

"Our house's previous owners had all of the bathroom cabinets, toilet-paper holders, mirrors, shelves, and coat racks permanently adhered to the walls." I had no idea until we moved in. If I want to take any of them out, I have to re-drywall the whole room!"
-- fizz6kitty

Kissing Swans

"My husband's bathroom had kissing swans and seashells; the master bedroom had gold cherubs and lacy frilly curtains."
-- sdkrlm

Monster Mural

"Our current home had a park mural painted in the bathroom. It was so gross! I would use the toilet while staring at a bird in a birdbath painted on the wall. There was a tree, a picket fence, tulips, and clouds. Even the vanity has flowers and butterflies. It took sanding, three coats of primer, and two coats of paint to finally get rid of it."
-- allobosc

Saloon Bedroom

"I don't know if this counts because I wasn't insane enough to actually let my husband decorate anything, but he suggested that when we redo our master bedroom we use a saloon theme. He thought hanging pistols over the bed would be cool. Oh yeah, and he wanted to install some swinging saloon doors in place of the bedroom doors."
-- oubrittany

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