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Downloadable Household Worksheets

You want your home to look great from the outside, but also keep track of key info that keeps things humming on the inside:

Emergency 411 and Medical 411
It might not be your cutest decor item on your fridge, but it's key to keep an updated paper copy of all your emergency and medical information handy.

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Our Household Budget
How much are you spending on your home each month? Use this worksheet to detail your household expenses and figure out your bottom line.

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Insurance Inventory
In case of emergency, theft, or natural disaster, this worksheet will record your valuables and belongings. Supplement it with pics if you can.

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Key Purchases
What if your TV or stereo system goes beserk? Log warranty information and service records for all of your electronics and other purchases.

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Style File
Create a design plan for every room in the house, plus paint and fabric colors for repainting or repair.

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