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File Cabinet 101

Photo by Mark Lund

It's every procrastinting couple's nightmare: how to organize all those bills, papers, receipts, and more. Get the clutter in control with these simple steps:

Escape the Paper Chase
Set a box filled with hanging file folders on a desk or counter. Assign each folder an activity: To call, To file, To discuss, To read, To pay, etc. 

Get a Hefty File Cabinet

Label folders by category (utilities, credit card bills, insurance, etc.). Then assign sub-categories (gas bills, water bills, electric bills, etc.). Assign a color to each major category for easy reference.

Create an E-File Cabinet
Why? Because if you pay online bills or have made any orders on the web, it's a lot easier than printing everything out.

Have a Backup Plan 
Buy a fireproof safe and store essential documents like passports, your marriage license, wills, and tax returns in a closet. Back up your electronic cabinet every six months in case your computer crashes.

Purge Your System 
Regularly remove unneeded documents in order to keep the stuff you do need close at hand. Do a major cleanup every year at tax time.

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