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How to Clear Away Bathroom Clutter

We cannot stress how important this one is. The bathroom is often one of the first things visitors see when they enter your home, and you want it to reflect well on you. Here are two basic rules of bathroom cleanliness:

Photo: EMI Interior Design

Storage, storage, storage

Ideally, when guests (and you) walk into your bathroom, they’ll see...nothing. At least, no toiletries that are being used or are going to be used. If you don’t have much built-in storage, it’s a great place to splurge. There are cool mirrors that swivel around and have shelving in the back. This gives the room a clean, Zen feeling while giving you practical storage.

Clear it out

Okay, it’s time to stop holding on to that almost-empty shampoo bottle that you haven’t used in six months...or the tube of lipstick you’ve being hanging onto waiting for that perfect occasion but still never opened. Our basic rule of thumb is if you don’t use it on a daily or weekly basis, it doesn’t need to be anywhere within reach. Sure, there are things that might be reserved for special occasions, but those can be placed in more out-of-the-way storage. Everything else? Trash can, please.

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Nestpert: Grayson Handy, co-owner and creative director of Prudence Designs and Events and author of the new book Flowers for the Home: Inspirations from the World Over.

-- Paula Kashtan