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How to Clean Glass

The basics, for any glass surface.

General Glass

Start by washing down the glass with hot soapy water. (For extra protection against streaks, add some vinegar to the cleaning water.) Once you’ve washed it all down, rinse off the soapy water with hot, clean water. Use a gentle cloth dipped in vinegar for hard-water stains. Want to make your own cleaning solution? Just mix one cup rubbing alcohol, one cup water and one tablespoon vinegar. This solution will evaporate quickly, which means you can avoid streaks on your glass.

Cloudy Glass

Cloudy glass is a bit harder to clean. Start by adding a little bit of ammonia or denture cleaner to your standard solution. If that doesn’t do the job, put some Vaseline on the cloudy area, let it sit for a day and then wash it off. A good vinegar soaking works well for removing lime deposits.

-- Paula Kashtan

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