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How to Clean Your Windows

Not your favorite task? Welcome to the club. It’s a necessary evil, though -- and with our easy instructions, it’s actually not that bad.

Photo: Ellen Silverman / The Nest

1. First remove the screens and clean them by rubbing them -- gently! -- with a rag. This will keep any accumulated dust from getting onto your windows during the next storm.

2. Get your washing solution together. Use a squirt of dishwashing liquid for a whole bucket of warm water. The fewer suds, the better.

3. Pick your tool. A soft sponge or a squeegee is your best bet.

4. Start cleaning the outside windows. Beginning at the top left side of your window, pull the squeegee or sponge down in a kind of backward S-shape. (If you’re using a squeegee, wipe off the blade after each stroke with a lint-free rag.)

5. Dry the window off. Any remaining water can be soaked up with a slightly damp chamois -- this will do the trick without leaving streaks. Then, dry the windowsill off with a rag.

6. If your window has panes, use the same basic technique, only instead of the S-shape, just scrub from left to right and top to bottom with your sponge, or in a single stroke from top to bottom with a squeegee that’s the same size as the pane.

7. Clean your inside windows in the same fashion, but lay down some towels first to contain any drips.

-- Paula Kashtan