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How to Create a Whole House Bible

Keep track of everything you need to know about your digs -- in a single handy binder.

If you're wondering what the heck a house bible is -- you are not alone. Turns out, it’s the design world term for a complete guide (or bible) to your home. If you do it right, yours will help you keep track of everything you need to know about your digs, from how you’ve decked it out to how you’ll keep it up, so you aren’t scrambling for important paperwork in an emergency.

Choose your vessel, whether it’s a binder or one of those 13-pocket expandable folders. Label each tab, organizing it however works best for you. We like filing things by the rooms they go in (so all the kitchen stuff goes together...you get it), but you may prefer to organize by categories like appliances.

Fill it up with all those appliance manuals you’ve thrown in random drawers. The house bible is their new home. No more scrambling when something breaks.

Along with the manuals, include paint swatches for each room and the floor plans if you have them, so you always have room dimensions handy. Even if you don’t have actual floor plans, it’s a good idea to sketch out all the rooms and jot down the dimensions.

Most importantly, keep a tab for your home insurance information, along with the business cards/phone numbers for your go-to service people like the plumber, the electrician, or your favorite movers.

Keep the binder in a safe, easily accessible place so you’ll use it and update it regularly (think: a shelf in your office or living room -- not under the bed).

-- The Nest Editors

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