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How to Keep Your Garden Hose Untangled

Stop wasting time (and money) untangling (or replacing) another hose.

Kinks and knots can make watering your plants or washing your car a lot harder. Plus, they’ll wear out your hose faster. Follow these tips to keep your hose tangle free.
First, taking the extra few minutes to coil your hose around a rack when you’re done using it will end up saving you the time (and headache) of untangling or de-kinking it next time you go to use it.
So if you don’t have one already, it’s time to buy or make a hose rack. There are so many options out there: You can buy a garden hose reel cart, a wall mount or a decorative garden hose “stand.” So choose the one that works best for your yard and hose.
Or, you can even go DIY. Here’s how:
1. Get an old wheel rim.
2. Find a shady spot on an outside wall, near the water faucet. (Remember: The sun will damage your hose over time, so you want the rack to live in the shade.)
3. Mount the rim to the wall between shoulder and hip height.
4. Coil your hose loosely around the rim, starting at the end closest to the faucet.
5. Repeat every time you’re finished using the hose.
Note: Never leave your hose lying on the ground. Fungus can grow, which could cause the hose to rot. Ew! Plus, all it takes is a clumsy boyfriend or a friend’s car to ruin the hose (or create those annoying kinks).

-- Erin Walters