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How to Organize Your Bedside Table

If "just shove it in the bedside drawer" sounds familiar, you need to read on.

Photo: Ellen Silverman

Start by clearing out the entire thing: the top and whatever’s in the drawers, so you can really see what you have. While everything’s off the top and out of the drawers, give the whole thing a good dusting.

Then let the purging begin. Yes, this includes those old catalogues, magazines, and newspapers. (For the really compulsive: If it’s just too hard to throw the entire pile away, take a quick look through and rip out any articles you’re just dying to read. Then recycle the rest.)

Remove anything work or home-administration related (like your bills). Put these where they belong -- in your office, at your kitchen desk, or wherever you’ve set up bill command central -- which, by the way, definitely should not be next to your bed. That’s the no-stress zone.

Clean out all that old stuff that’s somehow accumulated – you know, the three old cough drops, $1.27 in coins, and -- oh! That’s where they all went! -- 13 ballpoint pens.

Now, there should be room on your bedside table for what you really need: a few pieces of current reading material (the rest goes in recycling or on your bookshelf), a small lamp, a pen and paper, your clock, maybe a small dish for jewelry and anything else you regularly use just before bed or upon waking.

Keep a trashcan by your bed to prevent the impulse to throw dirty tissues, cough drop wrappers, or other junk onto your bedside table or into the drawer.

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-- The Nest Editors