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How to Organize Your Car

You spend a huge portion of your life in your car -- why not pay as much attention to organizing it as you do with your home?

Start by removing absolutely everything from your car. Go through the trunk, all the little pockets, the glove compartment...everything. With all the stuff out of your car, take the opportunity to clean it, too. Vacuum the whole thing so you’ll be starting fresh.

Go through everything you’ve removed from the car, and throw away or recycle all the trash. Then, put everything that doesn’t belong in your car in another pile to be brought into your house. Sort through what’s left. Put all your essentials, such as registration, proof of insurance, and car manual in the glove compartment.

Any other equipment you use frequently like CDs, books, water bottles, or an umbrella should also go in built-in storage compartments or ones that you buy and secure in your car. It’s important to have items secured so they don’t fly all over in case of an accident or quick stop.

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-- The Nest Editors