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How to Organize Your Work Space

These cool products will organize your work space—and brighten it up. (It could use a little love, don’t you think?)

Photo: Levi Brown

1. Hide cords in a boldly hued box. BlueLounge Cable Box Organizer Mini, $30, APlusRStore.com

2. Don’t just throw pens and paper clips in your desk drawer. Stash them together in one zippered case. Jump! Collection Pencil Pouch, $12, GirlOfAllWork.com

3. Store important receipts in this box. Havana Medium Photo Box, $30, Kolo.com

4. Clear glass jars show what’s inside for easy access. Giara Fun Spice Jar, $3 each, Organize.com

5. Color-code your calendar with these fun pencils. Fluorescent Colored Pencil Set, $24, MoMAStore.org

6. This adorable bird has a magnetic base so paper clips don’t fall out. Sparrow’s Nest Paper Clip Holder, $12, Paper-Source.com

7. A sleek pad will help you tackle your daily to-do list. No Tomorrow Planner Pad, $20, Bobs YourUncle.com

8. Save space with these “floating” bookends. Arrow Magnetic Bookends, $37, RoloStore.com

9. Connect up to four gadgets to your computer with this artsy hub. Soft Hub USB, $25, MoMAStore.org

-- Sarah Newell

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