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How to Speed Clean

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Surprise, surprise. Unexpected guests dropping by in 10. Uh-oh. There’s no time to clean? Some things you can fake.

Clear the entry. Grab a basket and throw in anything that’s lying around, since this is the first place your guests will set foot.

Trash the trash. Empty the garbage cans. All of ‘em.

Attack the sinks. Run a microfiber cloth along faucets and sinks. Get dirty dishes into that dishwasher. Pronto.

Hit the bathroom. Toss a couple of effervescent tablets into the toilet bowl.

Take a look. Run a microfiber cloth over mirrors to mix marks and gunk.

Dim the lights. Yeah, why show off your flaws? Light a few candles instead.

Nestpert: Julie Edelman, The Accidental Housewife

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