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How to Store Silver

If your sparkly stuff looks more like it came straight out of a shipwreck, try these tips.

Photo: Sferra Linens

As beautiful as silver is, it can seem overwhelming to keep it cleaned and stored properly. Though it truly can be temperamental, if you follow our guide to storing silver you should find it’s not quite as intimidating as you first thought.

The list of things to keep silver away from is pretty long. Silver needs to be stored away from dust, debris, and anything that could become surface grime. Humidity levels should be low, and adding silica gel to the drawer or cabinet you store your silver in will help with this. Another member of your silver cabinet should be a small dish or a few capsules of activated charcoal, which keeps away gasses that cause tarnish. Another measure you can take to avoid tarnish is storing silver on wood sealed with lacquer or polyurethane. Wool, felt, eggs, onion, mustard, rubber, latex gloves, and paint can also cause tarnish or corrosion. Finally, it’s important to not store your silver in contact with stainless steel cutlery; the latter can damage the former.

If you’re going to store your silver for a long time, pretreat every piece with tarnish-retardant polish. You can also use a specially treated cloth bag or anti-tarnish strips. The point here is to keep contact with air and humidity to a minimum. Try not to keep it stored away for too long, though: One of the best ways to keep silver tarnish-free is by actually using it!

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-- The Nest Editors