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How to Make the Fall Closet Swap

It's that time again! We know, schlepping clothes to and from closets isn't super-fun. But here's how you can make it a little less painful. Get more fashion advice at TheNest.com.

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1. Know when to do it
If you kept jeans and some light sweaters around for summer, you should be able to make it well into the first month of fall before needing to dig out the rest of your fall/winter wear from storage.

2. Set aside a good chunk of time
Giving up halfway through the process and leaving your entire wardrobe on the bed will only result in you sleeping on the couch.

3. Get prepped
Invest in vacuum-seal bags and a few under-bed bins, which are great for storing sandals, beach bags, and other summer accessories you won’t be needing for a while.

4. Start with major switches
Replace linen pants with cords and swimsuits with sweaters. Out of season, out of sight.

5. But do leave out an emergency swimsuit
You might decide to take up swimming at the gym or soak in the hotel Jacuzzi on a business trip. Point is, you just never know.

6. Inspect before you pack
If you’re putting something into hibernation for the winter, make sure it’s clean and any broken zippers or missing buttons are repaired. That way, everything will be ready to wear when springtime rolls around.

7. Don’t just throw everything in a storage bin
Didn’t think about wearing a particular item all summer long? Chances are you won’t next summer either. Donate it to charity.

8. And really, don’t just throw it in
Folding neatly is key -- not only to keeping garments in good condition, but also to making the most of your storage space.

9. Trim your T-shirt collection
Remember the one that’s three sizes too big that you got for free at a soccer game (in college) and you never wear? Yeah, it’s time to let it go. If a tee is still in good condition, donate it. The one with all the holes? You can go ahead and throw that away.

10. Recycle ratty white T-shirts
Especially the ones with holes or sweat stains on the armpits. Cut them up and use them as cleaning rags for around the house.

11. Dry-clean your dress clothes
A run through the wash is fine for your cargo shorts, but go the extra mile for dresses and suits. Then, instead of packing them away, hang them in the back of your closet.

12. Fold your sweaters
This will save closet space (and prevent hanger marks). If you have the room in your bedroom, keep wool and cashmere sweaters in an easily accessible cedar chest to protect them from pesky moths.

13. Make scarves and hats easy to grab
This means using a hat rack, designated bin, or over-the-door hooks -- it beats spending 20 minutes before work fishing through a basket under your bed.

14. Label, label, and label
You two might decide to take an impromptu trip to, say, Brazil for Thanksgiving. Knowing exactly which bin your favorite beach hat is in will save you from missing your flight. (You’re welcome.)

-- Jaimie Dalessio

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