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Nesties' Top 10 Laundry Tips

Take the time to shake the wrinkles out of jeans or anything else that holds wrinkles when you're moving it from the washer to the dryer. It saves lots of ironing time. –jcombs

Get someone else to do it. –GatorHightowers

I do it when I'm home alone, or when DH is busy with something else. I play some upbeat music on my iPod, and dance around the house while I load, fold, and hang it all up. It goes much faster that way. –kayci

Check all pockets before doing laundry. A forgotten pen once ruined an entire load of our clothes. --Mrs_P2007

I don’t iron. I use a spray bottle with about one teaspoon of liquid fabric softener and fill the rest with water. Spray on wrinkles and hang-dry -- works great! –Munchkinnx

Cheap dryer sheets work just ones -- don’t waste your money. –jesa 1313

I vacuum the laundry filter and areas around it to remove dust. It helps dry clothing better. –Pace33tl

I'll start a load while I'm getting ready in the morning before as well as the expensive work and then when it's time for me to leave, the washer is done and I just throw the clothes in the dryer. It’s great to feel like I've accomplished something early in the day. –lundgrenjl

Do all your own laundry! My husband washed my suede skirt and it came out like cardboard. --aiezzi

Always keep some OxiClean on hand; it takes just about any stain out! 

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-- The Nest Editors

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