Cleaning Q&A: How to Hire The Right Cleaning Service


What should I ask to make sure I hire the right cleaning person?


There are two types of cleaning pros: independent and agency-affiliated. While independents are usually more flexible and may do chores like laundry and dishes, you need to take the time to thoroughly check their references. These people are not prescreened and you want to make sure the worker is someone you can trust. Also keep in mind:

- With an independent, you might also have to file tax forms as an employer (speak to your accountant.) As for insurance, you’re probably covered if she gets injured on the job through your homeowner’s policy (buy check to be safe).

- When interviewing candidates, ask about their training and experience- especially if you have anything that will require special care.

- Either indie or agency, sit down and talk in depth about the tasks you need done, then negotiate how often the person will come and how much you will pay. And make sure the person you contract is the one who will always come to your house.

-- The Nest Editors

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