Cleaning Q&A: Stove Stains?


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Our stove has really bad stains on it. Have any secrets for getting it clean again?


No one wants stove stain crusties ruining a sparkling-clean kitchen. Specialized stove cleaners really work best, so buy one at your local home supplies store. Make sure to follow the exact directions on the back of the bottle. For example, it does make a difference whether you wipe it down with a wet or dry cloth. If you’re using a regular cloth and the crud won’t budge, use a scouring pad on tougher stains.

If your cleaner still isn’t working, try using a straight-edged razor to lift the caked-on food. Hold the razor at a 45-degree angle so you don’t scratch the stove’s surface, and scrape away at the grit.

One last suggestion: Don’t let stains set. If you spill something on the stove, wipe it up right away. And try to make a habit of wiping down your stove and countertop with a wet sponge or dishcloth after you’re finished cooking. This way, residue will never have the chance to build up and stain your kitchen surfaces.

Nestpert Donna Smallin, author of Cleaning Plain & Simple and founder of Unclutter.com

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