Decor Q&A: Arranging Pictures?


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We have more photos than we know what to do with! How can we arrange them?


You’ve got photos. He’s got photos. And now there are wedding photos to add to the mix. The key is to start grouping them by theme. Select your faves from each group and develop a visual “story," from your dating days to your wedding to your respective families. Another area, say, a home office, can be devoted to more random shots of friends and travel pics. Pull each group together with coordinating frames and mats. 
Before you put holes in the walls, figure out your layout. Cut out the shapes of the frames in newspaper and tape them to the wall. Experiment with different configurations until the display feels right.

Because all of your pics probably won’t fit on the wall, stylish floating shelves or shallow picture ledges are another hip way to display pictures (and allow you to rotate photos on a whim). Also be creative: Try a virtual headboard with a wall of pictures behind your bed or a coffee table with special picture slots.

-- The Nest Editors

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