Decor Q&A: Bedroom Storage?


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How do I get the most storage space in my bedroom?


Head to the Container Store and stock up on items that are bedroom-friendly; if you buy pretty new hangers or cool woven baskets to store your items in, you’ll actually want to use them. To really maximize your options, put a storage bench at the foot of your bed as well as under-bed storage. Have a junk-filled corner you just can't clear out? Hide it with Chinese folding wall dividers to cover. Another trick: If you have drapes over your windows but space on one or both sides of the windows, add some narrow shelving or bookshelves there. Then stretch the curtain beyond the window to cover up the items you'd rather not see.

Nestpert Travis George, interior designer and design consultant for Space Modern in Atlanta, Georgia; Grace Bonney of Design Sponge

-- Amy Spencer

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