Decor Q&A: Handling His Stuff?


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What can I do with my husband's sports memorabilia?


Besides throw it away? Whoops -- did we say that out loud? We know your husband loves his sports paraphernalia, and although it might've been fabulous decor when he lived alone, a shot of the Red Sox winning the World Series doesn't need to go over your bed. (We know, the curse was reversed. It’s still not going in the bedroom!)

The new plan: Create a nook or room where he can proudly display his favorite sports moments. Maybe it’s a home office, a downstairs bathroom, the staircase going to the basement, or the basement itself. We love the idea of having a “guy’s hangout” room in every house. This is where he and his friends can watch games and tell old stories without messing up your peaceful routine (and decor). Now if only you could stop your mother-in-law from giving him new sports crap every holiday.…

-- The Nest Editors

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