Home Q&A: Buying a New Vacuum?


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I need a new vacuum; do you have any recommendations?


First, ask yourself what surfaces you’re going to be vacuuming, as each area has different needs. These tips can get you started.

Hardwood floors: You will need lots of suction to get into the crevices of the floor. Also look for a smooth underside nozzle to avoid scratching.

Thick pile carpets: Go for pretty big wheels and a lesser level of suction (you need air flow to pick up the dirt). But if you have any carpet at all, you will need an upright.

Stairs: Make sure you have a detachable nozzle and a long hose or a model designed to vacuum stairs.

Drapery: Often forgotten, you will also need a long hose, a drapery attachment, and the ability to vary the suction level.

One last hint: Lift the appliance around the room (imagine going up stairs, too) and empty the cup or filter (it'll tell you how hands-on you have to be).

-- The Nest Editors

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