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I want to paint my living room walls, but I am not sure if I should go with a neutral or bright color because we have sliding glass doors.


It's good that you're thinking out your color scheme considering you have a lot of glass. At a certain time of the day, your sliding doors are going to shine lots of light on your walls, making your paint look completely different during the day than at night. So buy a few samples of paint and create a square of each color on the wall that gets the most light exposure. Check in on them during different hours of the day to see which hue looks the best with artificial and natural light.

Here are some cool colors to try:


  • Benjamin Moore Decorator’s White
  • Benjamin Moore China White
  • Benjamin Moore Cloud Nine 2144-50
  • Benjamin Moore Mt Rainer 2129-60


  • Benjamin Moore Sweet Pear 390
  • Benjamin Moore Blue Belle 782
  • Ralph Lauren Relay Red 1B59
  • Benjamin Moore Wolf Gray 2127-40

-- The Nest Editors

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