Laundry Q&A: Chapstick Stain?


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A chapstick in the laundry bag left a big oil stain on my pants. Can I get it out?


Salvaging the pants really depends on how long it was before you discovered the Chapstick. If you only washed the pants (meaning you didn't put them in the dryer or allow them to air-dry), there may still be some hope. Use a grease-fighting agent, like Spray 'n Wash Grease 'n Grass Stain Remover, and follow the directions on the bottle. Then wash in the hottest temperature safe for the fabric, and let the pants air-dry. Stain still there? Try again. The oil spot may never go away completely, but it may become more subtle. But if the pants already hit the dryer, it's probably time to cut your losses and buy a new pair -- they're likely stained for good.


-- The Nest Editors

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