Laundry Q&A: "Dry-Clean Only"?


What happens when you wash "dry-clean only" clothes? What if I'm in a pinch?


 A lot of the time when clothing manufacturers say dry-clean only, they mean it. Fabrics like silk and wool normally just don't do very well in an ordinary washer. Water can wreak havoc on your favorite silk blouse or shrink a cozy wool sweater beyond recognition. When washing dry-clean-only items you also run the risk of altering the color of the garment, distorting its shape, or wrinkling it so much that even the best iron won't help. If you want to chance it, use an at-home dry-cleaning kit like Dryel. It's good for freshening up your clothes and getting the stink out, but not so good at getting rid of stains, lint, or pet hair.


-- The Nest Editors

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