Laundry Q&A: Keeping Colors Bright?


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No matter which type of detergent I use, my clothes always begin to fade after a couple of washes. What are some tricks I can use to keep my colors bright?


The moment you toss your turquoise tee into the wash, you've already started it on a course to becoming blah blue. The simple fact is that all dyed garments experience some fading when they're washed. There is hope, though, for slowing the process. First, try washing your clothes inside out -- this will limit the direct abrasion your clothes experience in the washer. Wash like color sets together in cold water, and use detergents made for dark-colored clothes. Another trick is to try air-drying your clothes. You may have to do a little more ironing, but keeping your clothes out of the dryer will reduce fading. And lastly, if you're using a powder detergent, try switching to a liquid. Powders contain ingredients that clean dirtier clothes better but are more likely to reduce brightness.


-- The Nest Editors

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