Laundry Q&A: Why Use Bleach?


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My friend never uses bleach because she says it wears down clothes. Is it true?


There is no real evidence that shows bleach thins or deteriorates clothing if it's used properly (but add too much and those towels will begin to shred). Aside from being one of the best products to remove dirt, stains, and body soil, regular bleach is also a disinfectant (it kills 99.9 percent of common household germs), making it particularly good for underwear and other garments prone to bacteria and other nastiness. And if it's an "EPA registered bleach," it will also break down the gunky bacteria buildup in your washer that may be left from previous loads. So even if you don't use bleach on your clothes, you should run an empty cycle biweekly or monthly (depending on how much you do laundry) with it just to clean your machine.


-- The Nest Editors

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