35 Closet Makeover Tricks

One closet, two lives? It’s a challenge but no impossible feat. Since no closet is exactly alike, we have surefire strategies, tested tools, and foolproof solutions that make organizing a stylish cinch.

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Use Floor Space Creatively

1. Shoes aren’t the only things that can live on the floor. Take advantage of basement real estate with clutter-busting catchalls. Her baskets store hair accessories; his compartments keep ties and belts in easy reach.

Divide and Conquer
2. Distance can be a good thing; you both need a personal area so your dry cleaning and same-hued clothes don’t merge into one unisex mess. Don’t have built-in boundaries like our closet? Create your own zones by hanging damask drapes or decorative beads.

Make Room for Yours, Mine, and Ours
3. Closed storage keeps the closet well-dressed. Use overhead space for off-season items. Prevent confusion by labeling boxes “his” and “hers.” The “ours” box in the middle? That’s really hers too.

Obey the “Two Box” Rule
4. There is no room for avalanches in any closet, so stick to this trusty rule of thumb: Never stack more than two boxes high so that you are able to hold one storage container while sifting through the other.

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